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December 15, 2016


Six Reasons Why Boot Camp Is The Festive Workout For You


With the festive season in full-swing, we sat down with Ross Hanrahan, Co-founder and Head Trainer at FitLife DXB and asked him to tell us why FitLife DXB Boot Camp fits in perfectly with all the holiday fun.


FitLife DXB runs two sets of boot camps:

  • Mixed, and

  • Ladies only

The sessions are held across residential locations in Dubai, with the aim of bringing the community together, meeting new friends and socialising, while getting fitter and healthier at the same time.


  1. Motivation

Training as part of a team that is aspiring for the same overall goals is much more interactive and engaging than waking up to go for a jog by yourself at 6:00 am.


  1. Structure

Group fitness is a great way to get a workout in without having to overthink the situation. Each session is structured to boost your metabolism and get you in shape, especially during the holiday season where the supply of food and drinks seems endless. Our highly qualified instructors at FitLife DXB do all the planning for you.


  1. Proper Form

It’s imperative that we ensure you have a safe and effective session, with correct techniques, range and repetitions. Not only is proper form a must to ensure that your muscles reap the most out of the workout, but it also prevents injury. There’s nothing worse than cramming in a gym session and pulling a muscle before a big night out.


  1. Variety

Boot camp is the most varied group training session there is. Sometimes you turn up for body weight circuits, sometimes there’s a team element. It’s always challenging, engaging and versatile catering to all fitness levels. This also prevents boredom and keeps things interesting.


  1. Accountability

Not only are you signed up with a membership or number of sessions, but you are also added into one of our WhatsApp groups, which can pack on some serious guilt if you miss a session. Feeling a bit rough and decide to skip a workout? Try explaining that to your workout buddies – they probably know exactly what you were up to! As far as the trainers go – extra sit ups for you on the next session!


  1. Fun

Boot camp classes are fun. We curate upbeat soundtracks, make sure you get in a great workout and enjoy the company of like-minded people who motivate each other along the way. It’s a fun way to exercise, and keeps you motivated as you start seeing the results.



AED 800 – 1 month unlimited (any location, unlimited classes)

AED 800 – 8 sessions valid for 8 weeks (all locations, all classes)

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