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December 25, 2016



Merry Christmas From FitLife DXB!


When we were writing this blog post, we had to stay true to ourselves and give out advice on something everyone struggles with – how to stay in shape over the holidays with packed social calendars, less sleep, and endless amounts of food and drinks. We hope you find that part helpful… We have then cheekily added in a list of things all of us want in our stockings - because Christmas isn’t Christmas without presents!


To Do or Not To Do


We understand that your schedule is probably out of whack but all the fun kind of makes it worth it, doesn’t it? Here are some tips that should give you


Don't skip social events


Simply understand that these things are going to happen and socialising is a healthy part of human life. Just work around the events and put mini-workouts and healthy eating plans in your diary to counter balance the inevitable mulled wine and mince pies!


But first…let me exercise


Get up, walk the dog, complete a 20 minute HIIT workout or attend a FitCamp class. Just make sure you move before you go to work and get bombarded with invites to after work events.


Stay hydrated


Mix up some lemon juice and water to sip through the day. Fatigue and dehydration are closely linked, so imagine all the fun you’ll miss if you’re constantly tired. Being dehydrated can also cause dizziness and confusion – things you most definitely want to avoid when you’re out having fun.


Rest between outings


It’s simple, really. If you’ve had a big meal one day, ease up on what you eat the next day. You're going to attend 3 course dinners, so there's no need to load up the next day. Keep your meals light between your big lunches and dinners.


Do something nice for someone else


While this isn’t weight-related, the feeling of fulfilment you get from this is what life is all about. Practice giving something to someone without any expectation of receiving anything in return. In the 21st century, where we spend so many hours without any one-on-one interaction, do something that connects and interacts with others on a personal level. 


Christmas Stocking Fillers


Ross – “I want an unlimited supply of LoveFood healthy meal delivery!” 


Justen – “All of the dumbbells.” 


Toby – “Beats Headphones.”


James – “Squat Rack for my garage.”


Driss – “Deep Tissue Massage”


Pat – “An unlimited supply of Sci-MX supplements”


Rachel – “A spiralizer”


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