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January 17, 2017


Be A Modern-Day Jedi With FitLife DXB


Being a Jedi is the same as being anything else: it involves developing certain skills, and meeting certain criteria, going from Padawan Learner to Jedi Master. The trainers at FitLife DXB know that you don’t have that kind of time so they’ve put together a crash course in the absolute essentials.


Your Body


The Jedi might be peacekeeping guardians and advisors, but they’re also accomplished warriors. And that means training. Starting from their earliest days, Padawan learners undergo rigorous physical trials to hone their skills. The real-world Jedi follows a great programme as often as he or she can, but sometimes when that isn’t possible, we scale your sessions to make them work for you.


Your Mind


Mental training is important, and like all training, it can be made more effective with the right tools. A good mental state is vital for every aspect of what one does. It’s necessary for success, whether you’re a stay-at-home mum, a business tycoon, a fitness professional, or even just someone trying to shed some stubborn pounds. Of course, it also helps when you want to be an all-round Jedi.


Your Steps From Youngling to Master


To be great at anything, taking that development into your own hands is important. Sometimes that means giving the responsibility to someone else, like a professional… Like us. While we all value the idea of self-study and self-improvement, becoming great at something means studying under people who can help you get there. Think of it as being mentored – one of the most valuable tools in achieving success.


A Learning Curve For All


No matter what industry we’re in, putting ourselves in a position to benefit from those who know more than us allows us to make greater strides. Athletes have coaches. Students have teachers. Musicians study under instructors…and Jedi need to study at the feet of a Master before they can strike out on their own. It’s necessary for everyone to have a mentor - it’s not just Obi-Wan; it’s Merlin, it’s Dumbledore, it’s Mr. Miyagi, it’s Splinter.


As soon as you’re ready to change, we, at FitLife will become your Obi-Wan, and help you become stronger and fitter than you can possibly imagine. We might not really be able to teach you how to become one with The Force, but we can help you build the body you’ve always wanted, take complete control of your health and wellness, improving almost every aspect of your life in the process.


We hope we can be part of your journey this year!


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