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January 17, 2017



Just Show Up


Motivation isn’t a switch that constantly stays on. Let’s face it, sometimes getting to that workout is a struggle. Every excuse in the book becomes legitimate, including things like “my favourite socks are in the laundry”. We ping-pong from the logical to the outrageous, only to evade our guilt. While there’s no shame in that – sometimes wanting to get in a nap instead of a heavy weight session is perfectly acceptable – IF you realise that the key word is ‘sometimes’.


It Happens To The Best Of Us…


Staying motivated can sometimes be a challenge. We asked our Co-Founder and CEO of FitLifeDXB, Ross Hanrahan to weigh in on this, and here’s what he said: “I generally snap myself out of it quickly. The voice in my head guilt trips me into getting off my butt. I tend to pour myself a coffee during these situations to awaken the senses, stick on some classic rock music and start changing into gym gear. It's only 30-60 minutes of your day after all, and the pros far outweigh the cons every time.” 


Tough Love Does It


While Ross has figured out the recipe for success, many of his clients are still getting there. So what does he do? “Threatening them with running and burpees usually does the trick. Jokes aside, isn't that what they came to you for in the first place? As a trainer, your job is to keep them motivated. If there comes a time where someone is slipping, then we have to adjust things quickly and effectively to discover why this is happening. The next question to ourselves is “How can we correct and incentivise?” This is how we keep them striving for all those goals we set at the beginning.” 


Motivation 101


Here’s what to do: Just. Show. Up. You don’t have to be motivated while putting on your shoes; you don’t have to be motivated while filling up your water bottle; you don’t even have to be motivated when you get to class; you just have to show up. When you get there, it’s half the battle won. Think of yourself as a relentless badass, or of yourself as being disciplined to the point of being unstoppable. Whatever you decide, as long as you get there and do the work – half-hearted as it may be to begin with – you see results, which will turn yield confidence, making it easier to get going next time. Heard about the snowball effect? This is it.


Take Action


According to Ross, staying motivated doesn’t have to pose any life-altering challenge. “For me it's simple: I love what I do, my business is a mirror image of my beliefs and thoughts. Staying on track isn't optional as I am a reflection of what my brand represents. Trainers need to understand that people don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do proves what you believe. We don’t think that people should beat themselves up about a piece of birthday cake, or their favourite pasta occasionally. However, we do believe in reading the signs between a ‘one-off’, and a ‘go-to’. If you find yourself making less-than-ideal choices more often than you know is good for you, stop yourself immediately. Do something more productive instead, even if it’s difficult to get inspired at the time. Taking action leads to motivation, which is why we stress on people just showing up for their workout. It doesn’t have to be a record-breaking sprint, or a personal best front squat.” So long as you’re moving, you’re lapping everyone on the couch, and that’s more than you can ask for on days where you hear your sofa calling out to you for a lie-in.

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