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February 6, 2017

Here’s what we think when it comes to fitness goals.


We’re still in the first month of a new year. Chances are, you’re still pumped about sticking to that resolution of getting fit. You’re going to work out six days a week, eat super healthy, respect your body, and get the body you’ve always wanted at break-neck speed. But the month drags on; work is taking up more of your time than you accounted for; your free time is spent running errands, or vegging out on the couch to catch up on some much-needed relaxation; and your version of a healthy snack is instant noodles with veggie pieces in it.

We’ve all been there, so don’t hate on yourself too much. Reaching a goal is never easy – if it was, we would stop aiming for anything; we’d all live ideal lives, and soon things would get boring! With all the years of experience the FitLife team has in the health and fitness industry, we need you to trust us while reading our thoughts below. These have been put together from many years of heartbreakingly seeing people fail because they expected too much, too soon.

We’ve compiled a list of the quotes we live by, along with a bunch of myth busters. We want them to help you be realistic about your fitness goals this year. Remember – the FitLife trainers are right here to help you make that happen.





Quote: Think of your new lifestyle the same way you clean your teeth, if you only brushed them once a month, they'd probably fall out! The key to lasting change is consistency. Little and often! 


Myth buster: 'Diet' doesn't mean ‘better’ when it comes to packaging. Often, essential nutrients are stripped from the product and replaced with sugar. Learn the basics of reading food labels so you know what you’re getting. Knowledge is power!




Quote: Goals should be difficult to achieve, because those achieved with little effort are seldom appreciated, give little personal satisfaction, and are not particularly worthwhile. There is a price to be paid to achieve anything of significance. 


Myth buster: 

MYTH: Cardio is the only way to lose weight.

FACT: Cardio is great for the heart and increases endurance, but it certainly isn’t the best way to burn fat. Our muscles have energy stores in them, which our body starts to feed off after extended cardio regimes. The aim should be to do 20-25 minutes of cardio, which is the ideal range to burn fat while giving your heart and endurance the workout they need.




Quote: Never set goals too big, break them down into weekly or monthly manageable and realistic goals that can be achieved. 

Myth buster: 

MYTH: Squats damage your knees.

FACT: This is like sticking a cotton bud too far into your ear. It’s about knowing what you're doing!



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