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February 9, 2017

Everyone knows there are a million reasons why yoga is a good idea, but here are the top five reasons why we think it’s time you signed up for lessons with Pavalina Hara.


1. Increased Strength, Agility And Flexibility


There are a number of ways to become stronger; there are a number of ways to become more agile; and there are a number of ways to become more flexible. But there aren’t many ways in which all these wonderful things can be put together into a rather graceful package. Yoga is that way! Whether you’ve never touched your toes before, or if you’re a professional athlete who spends more time in the gym than at home, yoga will always allow you to take away something that is beneficial to you and your wellbeing.


2. Better Memory And Cognitive Functioning


Meditation is the eventual goal of all yogic practices and there are enough studies that have shown the benefits it can have on your memory and day-to-day functioning. Did you know that many schools are now swapping detention for meditation? And science backs it up. It has calmed kids down, causes less altercations, and has increased their ability to concentrate. Whichever way you look at it, practicing yoga helps to increase your memory capacity and retain higher levels of concentration – not a bad thing for work or school.


3. Normalise Body Weight


Sure, a HIIT workout will burn more calories in half the time than a yoga session, however, yoga will gently normalise your body weight by working on restoring your hormonal balance. It lowers cortisol levels, and like magic, balances the body’s fight or flight response, which doesn’t only make one less anxious but also less likely to overeat since our brains aren’t constantly in a mode of panic (looking for food to fill other voids). Stress is known to cause obesity and it fuels practically all diseases, so this benefit of yoga is a big win.


4. Reduce Pain Naturally


Migraines putting a dampener on your daily functioning? Do you suffer from fibromyalgia or arthritis? Are you one of the many millions of people who have backaches? Yoga can help. It has been proven to reduce pain from each of these ailments – sometimes eliminating it entirely. Did you know that meditation has also been shown to be better than morphine at reducing pain? Yoga for the win!


5. Efficient Respiration


With the rise in rates of pollution, we often take our lungs for granted. A practice in yoga called pranayama (prana-yum) is used by many yogis to reach higher states of awareness, however, they also take away other big benefits from this, including increased lung capacity, more tidal volume (the total amount of air your lungs can hold at any one time), and an ability to reduce the pace of their breathing, which is directly linked to a longer lifespan.


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