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February 23, 2017

Jodie’s Journey: Part 2: Ross Speaks


Have you read Part 1 of Jodie’s Journey? Click here to read her side of things.



Tell us a little about Jodie and her story


Jodie came to us a long time ago, living a sedentary lifestyle and had put on some serious weight, reaching almost 20 stone. When we met, she had barely any confidence, wouldn't leave the apartment and was clearly upset with herself, and just didn't know a way out. It took us three months of persuasion before she made the leap! We had some hiccups along the way, but who doesn't! I've seen her confidence rise and smile grow wider since we started, and now we can't have a session without someone on the Palm stopping us to say how well she's doing... She's become quite the local celebrity! The key to it all now is to keep pushing full steam ahead until we reach that size 10 dress, and then I might consider letting her have a cheat meal.


What did you see in Jodie that made you believe she was serious about changing her life?


Jodie now gets itchy feet if she hasn't trained in a couple of days, which is something she wouldn't have before. She can run, do push ups, squat to high heavens and play with her son without losing her breath. There's still some things we need to address with eating habits but I'm confident we'll have those resolved as the weight drops further. 


How long have you been training for?


I've Jodie's personal trainer since the beginning of September 2016, although prior to the start date it took us around three months and two visits to get Jodie to begin in the first place. We used to train in Jodie's apartment due to a combination of weather and confidence back in September 2016.

I'm a level 4 Obesity and Diabetes specialist and Jodie is now my only client. As the Co-Founder of FitLife, I believe it's important that even if you're running the business, it's good to keep yourself grounded and in the mix of training clients at the level at which you once were. 


What are your methods?


Carrots and Sticks, reward incentives such as a spa treatment, I told Jodie if she lost 50lbs before Christmas I'd treat her to something nice, she didn't believe she could do it... but she did! On the sticks side - would you like to get on the wrong side of a former marine? She'd be eating burpees for breakfast as just the warm up! 


What is your motto?


Cheerfulness in the face of adversity. 






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