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10 Yoga Poses For Women Who Lift

April 2, 2017


Did you know that osteoporosis causes more than 8.9 million fractures worldwide annually? That results in an osteoporotic fracture every three seconds. While this disease affects men as well, it is women who are far more susceptible. As our pace of life changes, along with many other factors, including poor nutrition, women as young as 30 are now being diagnosed with this bone-health issue.


Lifting weights is one of the most important exercises that experts talk about to keep your bones strong, and as a complement to that, Yoga follows closely to help prevent injury, amongst its many other benefits. FitLife’s Pavlina sorts you out with poses that do not involve a selfie stick.


1. Triangle

  • Aids in developing and deepening the hip hinge movement pattern.

  • Direct application for kettlebell swing, deadlift, and kettlebell windmill.

 2. Extended Side Angle

  • Increases mobility in hip flexion, abduction, and external rotation.

  • Lengthens lats.

  • Direct application for all squatting patterns and overhead presses.


3. Downward Dog

  • Lengthens and mobilises the entire superficial back line while decompressing the spine.

  • Benefits ankle mobility and Achilles tendon.

4. Low Pyramid

  • IT band and hamstrings. Try it and you’ll see what I mean!

5. Warrior 1

  • Thoracic extension coupled with shoulder and hip flexion.

  • Direct application for the front squat.

6. Lunge Variation

  • Lengthens side waist and psoas.

  • Awesome pose for anyone who sits more than two hours in a day.


7. Low Lunge With Quad Stretch Variation

  • Lengthens quadriceps while assisting deep knee flexion.

  • Improves thoracic rotation.

8. Pigeon

  • Facilitates a much deeper hip opening.

  • Helps to alleviate lower back pain in most cases.

9. Shoelace

  • Stretches butt muscles you forgot you had.

  • Amazing recovery tool after sessions with a high volume of hip-hinging movements. 

10. Reclined Spinal Twist

  • Deep thoracic rotation while calming the central nervous system.

Yoga, when combined with weightlifting gives you better range of motion, which can allow you to you utilise the eccentric phase of loading. A combination of yoga with weightlifting can help increase your agility and flexibility, as well as uplift your mental and physical strength. With stretching exercises, yoga postures can help to correct problems pertaining to joints or muscles. Yoga aids in a smoother flow of oxygen to every part of the body, evening out blood circulation throughout. Yoga also helps to keep your internal organs in alignment, allowing them to function optimally. It increases the lubrication in your joints and tendons, and improves metabolism so your body can retain and assimilate essential nutrients. If you lift, you must pose!


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