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FitLife Boot Camps

April 16, 2017


FAQ: FitLife Bootcamps


We understand that many people have commitment issues when it comes to fitness. Whether you’re pressed for time, are unsure about your level of fitness, or just don’t like the idea of leaping about – we have something for you. Here, FitLife’s Driss and Pat, break down the most common questions we get asked about our Bootcamps, which will undoubtedly put you at ease if you’re thinking of signing up.


1. What is the FitLife Bootcamp?


The FitLife bootcamp is specifically put in place for anyone interested in general exercise, getting back into the habit of a healthy lifestyle but enjoying reaching targets in a small group setting, and a bubbly environment. 


2. I haven't work out in ages/ever, can I join the class?


Anyone of any age and any fitness level can join bootcamp, absolutely, yes! Participants do have to sign a Par Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) form before participating in any exercise, but yes anybody can. Trainers tend to change the intensity levels of the session depending on each person’s fitness levels. We can either increase the intensity, or give alternate exercises for participants.


3. What can I expect from a session?


You can expect a bubbly, fun, good and intense workout with music in the background and family surrounding. 


4. What if I can't run/jump/squat as much as the other people? 


Alternatives are always given out by trainers if participants aren't able to do an exercise. We care about our participants and progression in fitness at their own pace. 


5. So if I exercise, I can eat what I want, right?


No! Have you heard, "70% nutrition, 30%exercise"? Well, that's very true. Your results and change in body and fitness will only ever come if you follow a healthy, balanced nutritional plan. 


6. Will I lose a considerable amount of weight?


Weight loss will occur but depending on your participation e.g. how many times a week you’re exercising, and whether you are following a well-balanced diet. Those are the two most important factors in fitness.   


For a free consultation, or to sign up for our Bootcamps, call or whatsapp 052 578 7007 or book your free taster on the 'book your training' page on our website. 


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